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Amazing Guests, Authors and Books during the 7th Year of BITEradio

Each year I have a special Anniversary Show when I look at the year in review. This year the show will be on Friday, October 6th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific time. To listen to the show (or schedule a reminder) click here.

In preparation for the show I compile a list of the shows during that period and use it to comment on memorable moments. Below is a list of the Guest/Topic/Show Date. I’ve made the topic a link to the show should you want to listen.

If you were a guest, or listened to one of the shows, and have a comment you’d like for me to share on the anniversary show you can email it to or call and leave a message on my office number 843-808-0777. One of my favorite things to do is share guest/listener feedback!

Year 7 – Bringing Inspiration to Earth


The Times They Are A’changin’

I spent the morning walk contemplating my interview last week with the Canadian host of Books 4 A Better Life, Camden McInnis (webcast). During the conversation the topic strayed to the elections in the USA. He asked my opinion of the election and candidates. I indicated my misgivings about the both candidates and the election – but I am most disheartened, and not surprised, by the many millions of residents who are angry and fearful.

One candidate represents the establishment and status quo. With Congress being in session only 110 days in 2016 (30% of the year), an unfilled Supreme Court position (effectively leaving the most relevant issues of our time left undecided), government listening to conversations without cause, email providers allowing the scanning  of private correspondence, failing infrustructure, tax-evading corporations and billionaires – it’s no wonder people want to ‘blow up the system’.

Another candidate thrives on sowing the seeds of fear and discontent. A man who reaches into the hearts of his followers and finds that dark, wounded spot and brings it forward for all to see. A man who sees nothing wrong with firing insults and demeaning comments to major sections of the populace. A man who spreads fear because he is fearful. Take away the money and fame and this man would soon realize that he wouldn’t be a blip on the radar of humanity. It is easy to see why so many follow him and overlook his heartless comments and beliefs. The wounds of many are real. Loss of jobs, loss of security, loss of peace of mind. I  know the chance of winning the lottery is slim, but it provides hope and possibility of change for the better. Many probably feel there is a slim chance this candidate can make things better in their lives, but a slim chance is better than none. The fear, too, is real. If you see a system that has brought forth your loss, and see no possibility of change, you can foresee a spiral downward. If you are told through the barrage of media reports that there is much to fear – then surely there is a good reason for this. If you are told to fear someone who is different, maybe friends or neighbors, then you’d better be afraid. After all, I’ve seen many reports of terrorists who have flown under the radar of their friends and neighbors.

Both candidates have trust issues … dare I say .. the whole country has trust issues. The lack of trust in our structures, of our system of government, of our elected officials, and ultimately lack of trust in ourselves. Yes, the structure of our beliefs need to be rebuilt and systems updated to work in a new paradigm. One that allows for flexibility, creativity and innovation. One that recognizes that instant global communication is a reality. Clandestine, nefarious activities will be exposed. Openness and honesty is what leads to trust.

Where is the rainbow after this storm? It is within each of us, individually and collectively. It is recognizing that what we have been doing isn’t working. It is recognizing big, important shifts need to occur both within ourselves and our nation. It is healing our wounded heart and becoming more compassionate with our friends and neighbors. It is to reject fear and instead, embrace change and have courage to face the unknown. The beauty of the conflict we are now witnessing is that it makes clear we are not alone in our struggles and we should not feel alone in resolving the challenges we face.



Thank you Donald Trump for all you have given us!

I personally want to thank Donald Trump for all he has given to the world!


  • Thank you for showing us that mocking a person with physical disabilities is disgusting;
  • Thank you for uniting the country .. against you;
  • Thank you for reminding us that women are not to be objectified;
  • Thank you for raising awareness of the sacrifice Purple Heart recipients made to this country by your comment of ‘how easy it was’ for y
    ou to receive a faux medal;
  • Thank you for showing the world that democracy is not perfect;
  • Thank you for bringing to light those politicians who place themselves ahead of country;
  • Thank you for being disrespectful to the Khans – and showing your complete lack of compassion;
  • Thank you emphasizing the destructive power of words in 140 characters or less;
  • Thank you for making Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency much easier;
  • Thank you for proposing the wall with Mexico, showing the ridiculous nature of your ‘solutions’;
  • Thank you for helping us see the blindness in those around us, your supporters;
  • Thank you for proposing the Muslim ban because it backfired and welcoming voices prevailed;
  • Thank you for showing us that ignorance of global affairs is short-sighted;
  • and most of all Thank You for sacrificing and tarnishing your image along with the millions of dollars in future revenue you will lose because you have shown the world exactly who you are!

Living in Synchronicity

Today was indeed an odd day.  Synchronicity, which can sometimes be a rare occurence, grabbed my attention not once, not twice, not even three times – but four distinct happenings in one day.

The first happening involves my newest book I am writing. Late last night I was typing a new character’s comments. He’s a young guy and addressed another character as ‘dude’ and made a comment. After typing the statement I paused and questioned myself as to whether I really wanted to write that. It was getting very late so I decided to leave what was written and look at it today with fresh eyes. The morning went by without giving it another thought.  Then, on the way to lunch I had a talk radio station playing and one of the DJ’s said the exact words I had written the evening before. “Dude….” After getting over the shock of what I heard, the Ah Ha insight was – keep writing and stop questioning yourself.

The second happening began when I was reading some random Facebook posts this morning.  I came across Lyn Ragan’s page Signs of the Afterlife. I’ll be honest, I don’t often read the comments but do enjoy looking at the photos and quotes she posts. Today there was a thread about what to say to someone who’s loved one has passed on. The responses were thoughtful, kind and sensitive. Little did I know that this afternoon I would be drawing upon those comments when a good friend called me and told me of a mutual dear friend passing on last night. Her passing was sudden and shocked us all. I just spoke with her last week.

The third happening was just interesting. While walking today I found a $5 bill. This was cool and I decided to post a pic of it on Facebook. (Not something I would normally do.) It generated some nice comments but my FB friend, Christy Wilkinson wrote “Robert so glad you found the $5.00. I’m a number woman so I looked at the numbers on the bill. I saw on the bill IC 144 which used to be an old ext. where I used to work. I saw someone today that used to work there too. That was so cool.” What are the odds?

The final odd occurence was when I went to check my LinkedIn page which I do only occasionally I saw that one of my connections had posted a link to a product that was a “Fountain of Youth” pill. I clicked on the link (again, something I rarely do) which took me to the page which discussed the product and how it affects one’s telomeres. I had never heard that term so took a few moments to ‘Google’ it and learn a bit.  Tonight I watched the movie ‘The Age of Adaline’ and wouldn’t you know it – at the end of the movie was a discussion about telomeres – a term I did not know until today.

Each happening was not a massive life changing event by any stretch.. but each showed me something helpful to remember.

  • Keep writing this new book – and stop questioning myself;
  • A short Facebook detour reading a thread about emotional compassion was exactly what I needed when a friend called this afternoon – and a reminder of the gift of life we have each and every day;
  • Sharing my fortunate $5 find helped a friend see the ‘coolness’ when it reminded her of an ex-job and meeting an ex-coworker today.
  • and my out-of-the-ordinary check in with LinkedIn, a friend’s post and my curiosity about a term I did not know – helped me understand a discussion in a movie I saw tonight that I would not have understood had I not followed that desire to learn.

So it was a day for me to be shown the value of being confident, taking detours, sharing, being curious, learning new things & most of all – a reminder of the value of life.

Before I Forget…..

Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating illness and one I have given attention on my show multiple times.  According to, consider these 2015 statistics:

  • It’s the only cause of death in the top 10 in America that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed.
  • Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women.
  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another of the more than 70 types of dementia.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • Only 45% of people with Alzheimer’s disease or their caregivers report being told of their diagnosis vs. 90% of people with the four most common types of cancer having been told of their diagnosis.
  • By 2050, the costs of Alzheimer’s care could rise as high as $1.1 trillion.  In 2015, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the nation $226 billion.

Although the statistics are staggering, it doesn’t ‘bring home‘ the human cost of the disease.

Several weeks ago I had a gentleman, Greg O’Brien, scheduled for my show.  He wrote the book, On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s.  obrienAs an accomplished journalist, Greg felt it was important for him to document his life experience as the disease progressed.  Having read the book, and realizing how advanced Greg’s disease was, I had wondered if he would be able to do the show.  There was a good chance it could be an ‘off day’ for him.  However, the publicist insisted as late as the day before the show that all was well.  Show time comes – no Greg. I was a bit disappointed but realized this was a perfect example of how unpredictable the disease can be.

So, before I forget, I want to share with you some of the human, personal elements Greg encountered living with this disease.

  • He spoke of a ‘cognitive reserve’, a backup tank of inherited intellect.  The more reserve one has to draw from, the longer one can maintain a sense of present thinking.  Tip: It’s never too late to build up that reserve!
  • Greg’s parents died with the same disease.  As they came closer to the end of life, he had to consider ‘exit strategies’.  Imagine the difficulty in planning one’s own exit strategy – and to do it when you still have the cognitive ability to do so!
  • Each day Greg has to start with 5-Ws – who, what, where, when and why. For me, I have woken up on occasion with a little disorientation – Where am I? To have to do it daily has to be challenging and exhausting.  In my case of disorientation I recover my focus rather quickly.  Can you imagine how frightening it would be to NOT be able to answer any of the 5-Ws?
  • Anger and rage, often involuntary, also occur as symptoms.  marcellI had a guest on my show, Jaqueline Marcell, whose father exhibited a lot of anger.  She wrote the book Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents.
    Her book, written from a caregiver’s perspective, shines a light on a situation that many encounter – caring for a parent with dementia.  Likewise, I had another author, Diane Drummond DuPre from the Myrtle Beach Author Network on my show.  She wrote the book, Mother, I Am Your Daughter: Do You Want to See My Driver’s License Again? dupreDiane’s book takes a sometimes light-hearted look at the challenges of being a caregiver of a parent with Alzheimer’s – with the added dimension of coping with her own diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s. In each case you can see from the authors titles that anger is a part of  this disease.  But truthfully, if I had difficulty with recalling any of the 5-Ws – I’d be pretty pissed off myself!
  • A common experience in dementia patients is known as ‘sun-downing’ caused as light fades to black.  Greg experienced this phenomena and found physical routine helped him reduce end-of-day confusion and restlessness.  This was one of many ‘tips’ that Greg provided as ways to cope with certain symptoms.
  • One thing I learned reading Greg’s book was about the “Five year” look back. If a person does not own assets – a nursing home by law must enroll an individual as destitute – not encumbering the assets of family members. It is certainly something for family members to keep in mind. When Greg was signing documents relinquishing his assets it created a great sense of loss of self – first mental , now material.  Loved ones should be sensitive to the feelings of loss experienced by their loved one.

There is one story that touched my heart regarding Alzheimer’s. I know a couple, Nora and Billy who came to the beach every summer for their vacation.  A nice, loving couple.  About 4 years ago Billy’s physical health started to deteriorate – but he was very alert and present mentally. Nora was an excellent caregiver, taking care of Billy’s needs and only occasionally complaining. A couple of years ago Nora started exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  Her disease progressed quickly and it wasn’t long until Billy had to place her in an assisted living facility.  Months later, Nora’s memory had deteriorated to the point she was no longer able to recognize Billy as her husband.  Even though she did not recognize him, Billy continued to visit her.  The heart-breaking part to this story is that on one of his visits, Nora excitedly introduced Billy to her new ‘boyfriend’ at the facility.  The love of his life no longer remembered their decades together.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia wreak havoc with the lives and memories of those afflicted and everyone their life touches.  Each of the authors, and their books, provides insight and guidance for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia  and their caregivers.  Resources are available – take advantage of the information provided by those who have the courage to share their story!

Self-Care and Self-Compassion is not just for women

I had a very interesting discussion on today’s show with Canadian, Julie Starr from Her focus is on ‘life coaching for women’. We discussed the importance of ‘standing in one’s power’. To speak truthfully, confidently and knowing one’s importance in the world. It didn’t take long for me to realize that these attributes are important for every individual, women and men. Yes, women sometimes have to give this more attention because they are often pulled in many directions. The demands of work, family, spouse and societal expectations make it easy to push aside their needs and desires. But we all get side-tracked from time-to-time and forget to take care of ourselves and enjoy some of  the comforts that life offers.

We discussed many ways to practice self-care.  (the complete list can be found in an article on Julie’s website) A several key principles that I found practical and easy to apply are:

  1. Less is more – Sounds a bit odd but the idea that less clutter in your life, both mentally and physically, can provide the freedom and space to be more creative, effective and happier. Take a little time each day to ‘clean house’ so to speak.  Get rid of junk in a drawer, closet or kitchen.  Also get rid of some of the junk running through your brain.  The negative thoughts, self-judgment, depression, anxiety or fear.  Toss it – delete it! Do a little at a time each day – and if for some reason a day goes by when you don’t de-clutter – don’t beat yourself up!
  2. Let it be…Let it go – I’m reminded of the word’s of the Serenity Prayer “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference…” To accept and LET GO of the things I cannot change. So much time and energy is wasted trying to control the uncontrollable. Worrying about a future event that may not occur, or reliving a negative past experience and keeping it alive in the present. What’s done is done! I know very well that it can be difficult to ‘let go’.  It is sometimes easier to ‘hold on’ to what we know even if it makes us miserable.  Why?  Because we know what to expect and how to react.  If we ‘let go’, who knows what will happen! The fact is, in many cases, we don’t know what to expect when we ‘let go’ of something or someone – but that should not stop us from releasing whatever is holding us back.  There have been a few times when I ‘let go’ of a fear that had me paralyzed – and the result was spectacular!  Whenever I find myself having difficulty ‘releasing’, I think back to those experiences and find that it makes ‘letting go’ easier and freeing.
  3. Create a Self-Care Plan – Schedule “You Time”.  A time when you pamper yourself, do whatever is FUN for you, and honor the spirit and person you are.  Sure we all have demands on our life but we also deserve to enjoy life – even if it’s just a bit each day.

Self-Care is not Self-ish – it’s simply ensures that we are the best person we can be.  Happy, confident parents ensure their children will have a great role model for their future success.  Happy, confident spouses or partners ensure that their relationship stays strong and healthy.  Happy, confident people attract happy confident people.

Julie Starr

Take care of yourself – be happy and confident!

Negativity in the Afterlife?

When one thinks of the Afterlife a common perspective is some positive experience, ‘Heaven’ contrasted with a negative’Hell’. What if instead of the two possible destinations there was only one place with the same confusing combination that we have on Earth – a mix of both positive and negative?

During my Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show with Barry Eaton, Australian radio host, journalist, broadcaster and author of No Goodbyes; Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side we discussed the information he received from his guides that in facbarryeaton2t the Afterlife is a complex ‘place’, or dimension, with various levels and degrees of light and dark forces. The saying ‘ you can’t take it with you’ seems to only apply to the physical aspects of life, your money, possessions, even your body.  What does go with you are the emotions and experiences.  Love, hate, anger, forgiveness, along with the positive and negative interactions with other people (souls).   So if you have any ‘issues’ with someone, it’s best to get them resolved because it seems like there is no escape.

Another important message in No Goodbyes is the recognition of a ‘gift’ in every passing.  It may not be immediate and not readily seen, but it is there.  For the author, Barry Eaton, it was the the unfolding of his mediumship abilities after the passing of his companion Judy.  For others it may be forgiveness, freedom, self-awareness or simply to recognize that life is fleeting and to make the most of one’s time on Earth.

The Afterlife as presented in No Goodbyes is one similar to this existance – minus the physical aspect.  Emotions, learning, hierarchies, soul groups, and much more.

Is is approriate to use the word ‘sexy’ in a memoir about child abuse?

That was the question asked in the chat room during my recent radio show with Kelly Flook, author of ‘Shhhh!  Sad, Shocking and Sexy‘.


Kelly had experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a child and took the courageous step to document and present to the world the journey her life took as a result. I can understand the listener’s question. Why make a connection between child abuse and ‘sexy’?  Kelly indicated that she was asked that question often, and she too understands the concern.  However, in her book she includes situations and experiences of romance and love.  It’s not strictly about the abuse. The listener was not convinced that Kelly’s answer alleviated her concern, but acknowledged it was Kelly’s book and it was her right to title it as she saw fit.

This isn’t the first time I had an individual on my show to discuss their memoir of surviving and working through an abusive childhood. On June 15th I had a gentleman from the UK, James Williamson, as guest on my show.  He wrote the book ‘They Can’t Touch Him Now‘.


James waited until all those who would be affected by his revelations had passed on. During my discussion with James he told me that he struggled with the writing of this book when it came to describing the details of his abuse.  He wanted to be as specific and informative as possible without exciting those abusers and giving them some freak thrill. James indicated it was a delicate balance that he gave much attention.

According to The National Center for Victims of Crime ( and studies by David Finkelhor, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center:

  • 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;
  • Self-report studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident;
  • During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
  • Over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
  • Children are most vulnerable to CSA between the ages of 7 and 13.

These numbers are stunning.  Each child will grow up with the abuse as a background for their adult behaviors.  Often childhood abuse works its way into becoming adult self-abuse.  Some, like James Williamson, will wait until the abusers and those involved die off before revealing their circumstances.  Some, like Kelly Flook, won’t wait – with the hope that their story can help victims of abuse now.  They will tell their story even if it means alienating themselves from people close to them.

Back to the original question of this post. Is is appropriate to use the word ‘sexy’ in a memoir about child abuse? Recognizing that Kelly was able to overcome the guilt, shame and blame that often accompanies childhood abuse – and have  romantic, loving – and yes – sexy relationships, should be a beacon to those whose who have abusive pasts.  You are not condemned to a life of disappointing relationships – you can – and deserve to live a life filled with Love.

Interview Guests Directory works for me

I’m very pleased with the results I have so far received from listing myself as a guest on www.InterviewGuestsDirectory.comInterviewGuestsDirectory150

~ within the first week of listing I had scheduled 3 interviews from different parts of the country. Each was with a quality show and host. The site makes it very easy to promote and is very reasonably priced. A definite must for self-published authors like myself!

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