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January 2012

What I meant to say was…

I normally don’t have difficulty communicating clearly – but the past few days accurate communication has been a challenge.  While confirming this week’s guests I had to have a couple email exchanges with Wednesday’s Show –Tao Art of Flow‘s  guest John A. Salat to ensure we were all set for the show.  I had to clarify that Friday’s show – Beyond The Abyss with guest author, Becca Chambers was a Becca and not a Becky.  Several times I had sent incorrect information to Saturday’s guest Karen Garvey which she cheerfully caught  – maybe her show Answers to L.I.F.E. will provide answers to this week’s communication challenges.

So if you experience an example of miscommunication, don’t fret about it.  Simply follow up and clarify.  Recognize that many people at the moment are having difficulty communicating effectively.  Be sure you have the message and intent correct.

What are the odds?

During last night’s Mystical Cruise Show my guest was Psychic Medium Janet Russell. When Janet takes callers questions she asks for birthdates. Two back-to-back callers had the same birthdate 10/24 which is also the birthdate of a follower listening in the chat room. It was an excellent show ~ 105 people joined us live!

Early yesterday while typing an email and listening to an online radio show – I had just completed typing the phrase ‘eye-opener’ only to have BOTH radio speakers say ‘eye-opener’ at that very moment. That in itself was an eye-opener! Synchronicity.

Conscious Living

Yesterday’s show was a very interesting conversation with Nancy Baker about The 55 Concepts to Conscious Living.  The concepts are simple – yet powerful in the truth behind them.  They provide a different perspective of life’s interactions.  For example, the first concept is: Anything that bothers you is your issue.  Something to think about.  It is the type of insight that you just might implement – and I believe if you do you will definitely improve your quality of life.


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Tonight is the fist Walk In Cafe Show in it’s new day and time slot.  Host, Starr Weldon welcomes Intuitive, Daved BeckTonight’s show can be heard 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific time.  Both Starr Weldon and Daved Beck are speakers on the Mystical Cruise.  Tune in and get a sample of the lively discussion that will occur abard the Carnival Conquest.

What I learned this weekend

Both shows this weekend had tidbits of learning.  Friday’s show with Rochelle Sparrow and Courtney  Kane.  Their book Within the Power of Universal Mind is a great book that focuses on energy.  What it is – and the importance of energy movement in creation.  The book is more than a book.  It also contains a 24-page detachable cards known as The Source Deck.  The book is an excellent example of co-creation.

Last night’s show with Doyle Barnett was delightful.  His book Spiritual Growth is Not What You Think – How Seekers  Mistake the Evolution of Their Philosophy for Spritual Progress examines the differernce between Spiritual Growth and Philosphical Development.  The essence of his thinking is that Holistic Love is the basis of Spiritual Growth and that Spiritual Growth can happen within any philosophical framework.

Mystical Cruise update – a new booking yesterday!  The final 3 speakers have yet to be determined! Stay tuned for that unfoldment.

Raisin Bread & Change

Late last night, while preparing for my free webinar on Sunday I re-listened to my show with Psychic Medium – Mary Bach.  Her show was second of 18 shows in the 2012 Series.  During the segment talking about 2012, Mary used the analogy of ‘being the raisin bread’.  Be the bread that holds together the raisins.  Individually, the raisins are our many facets.  The roles we play, father, mother, brother, sister, friend – as well as the character elements like integrity, honesty, compassion.  Be the raisin bread – that certain something that holds it all together – bigger than our many roles.  Our Spirit.  Globally – ‘be the raisin bread’ that brings together the many people (raisins) for the benefit of all.  One of my breads is the radio show – bringing together like minded spirits from around the world.  Be the raisin bread.

and Change.. during my discussion with Mary a golden nugget about change struck me.  That is: With every change, comes a loss.  That got me to thinking – with a lot of change – will come a lot of ‘percieved’ loss.  I say ‘perceived’ loss because nothing is really lost.  In a quantum perspective our past, present and future co-exist.  So what you ‘lost’ last last year that made you happy is still alive in the present you.  You can re-live it in your mind in an instant.  Re-living it brings momentary happiness, followed by sadness that it is no longer a part of your journey.  The golden nugget in this is – the heart connection Both with happiness and sadness your Spirit is touching your heart.  If you believe that what was – is part of what is – then there is no loss and no reason for sadness.  It is not lost, you can re-live it if you choose.  Just remember – every moment you spend re-living the past takes away a moment from your present and future.  We all have only a limited number of moments in every day.  With a year of change ahead keep in mind that – with every change something new gains your attention and something loses your attention.  Be happy about the new – do not be sad about the old – it still exists.  Re-visit if you choose.

Mystical Cruise Blog Launch

Hello Blog-osphere!  After 15 months, more than 200 radio episodes, more than 150 different radio guests and the start of Mystical Cruise 2012 – I’ve been guided to start the Mystical Cruise Blog.

I expect that I will use this forum to discuss the Network and to add commentary about upcoming or just completed shows.  For example.  Last night’s show with Terry Jones-Brady did not not have many live listeners – but the message is an important one for many people at this time.  Her book, A Mosaic Heart – Reshaping the Shards of a Shattered Life is all about transforming life and the heart-ache into heart-light.  I would not be surprised to see this episode have a high archive listen.  The guests on the Mystical Cruise show tomorrow, Friday at 8pm Eastern are Rochelle Sparrow & Courtney Kane, co-authors of Within the Power of Universal Mind.  This is a very cool book.  Lot’s of information about energy – and “The Source Deck” – 24, full-sized – (8.5″ x 11″), full-color  removable ‘cards’ that have Universal Laws or Solutions printed on one side – the other side has a picture of abstract art created by artist and co-author Courtney Kane. I’m looking forward to speaking with the co-authors and and talk about the Source Deck and the co-creation process.

 Mystical Cruise 2012 aboard the Carnival Conquest

Mystical Cruise 2012 dates and itinerary have been established – Nov 25th – Dec 2nd.  I will be posting cruise developments and updates such as –  we now have 5 confirmed cruise speakers and expect to add 3 more.  The titles and descriptions of the speaker  workshops have not yet been added – the speakers are working on that now.  I believe you will see a blog post as the cruise gains greater definition.

And finally, I expect I will have various commentary with what I feel, hear, sense is happening. For example – I have noticed lately an increase in miscommunication and disagreement going on.  If you experience this – keep your anger in check –  step back a moment and look at the situation .. the misunderstanding may simply be the other person is having difficulty communicating their true intent.

I welcome your feedback – and thank you for reading.

~ Robert

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