Hello Blog-osphere!  After 15 months, more than 200 radio episodes, more than 150 different radio guests and the start of Mystical Cruise 2012 – I’ve been guided to start the Mystical Cruise Blog.

I expect that I will use this forum to discuss the BITEradio.me Network and to add commentary about upcoming or just completed shows.  For example.  Last night’s show with Terry Jones-Brady did not not have many live listeners – but the message is an important one for many people at this time.  Her book, A Mosaic Heart – Reshaping the Shards of a Shattered Life is all about transforming life and the heart-ache into heart-light.  I would not be surprised to see this episode have a high archive listen.  The guests on the Mystical Cruise show tomorrow, Friday at 8pm Eastern are Rochelle Sparrow & Courtney Kane, co-authors of Within the Power of Universal Mind.  This is a very cool book.  Lot’s of information about energy – and “The Source Deck” – 24, full-sized – (8.5″ x 11″), full-color  removable ‘cards’ that have Universal Laws or Solutions printed on one side – the other side has a picture of abstract art created by artist and co-author Courtney Kane. I’m looking forward to speaking with the co-authors and and talk about the Source Deck and the co-creation process.

 Mystical Cruise 2012 aboard the Carnival Conquest

Mystical Cruise 2012 dates and itinerary have been established – Nov 25th – Dec 2nd.  I will be posting cruise developments and updates such as –  we now have 5 confirmed cruise speakers and expect to add 3 more.  The titles and descriptions of the speaker  workshops have not yet been added – the speakers are working on that now.  I believe you will see a blog post as the cruise gains greater definition.

And finally, I expect I will have various commentary with what I feel, hear, sense is happening. For example – I have noticed lately an increase in miscommunication and disagreement going on.  If you experience this – keep your anger in check –  step back a moment and look at the situation .. the misunderstanding may simply be the other person is having difficulty communicating their true intent.

I welcome your feedback – and thank you for reading.

~ Robert