Both shows this weekend had tidbits of learning.  Friday’s show with Rochelle Sparrow and Courtney  Kane.  Their book Within the Power of Universal Mind is a great book that focuses on energy.  What it is – and the importance of energy movement in creation.  The book is more than a book.  It also contains a 24-page detachable cards known as The Source Deck.  The book is an excellent example of co-creation.

Last night’s show with Doyle Barnett was delightful.  His book Spiritual Growth is Not What You Think – How Seekers  Mistake the Evolution of Their Philosophy for Spritual Progress examines the differernce between Spiritual Growth and Philosphical Development.  The essence of his thinking is that Holistic Love is the basis of Spiritual Growth and that Spiritual Growth can happen within any philosophical framework.

Mystical Cruise update – a new booking yesterday!  The final 3 speakers have yet to be determined! Stay tuned for that unfoldment.