I normally don’t have difficulty communicating clearly – but the past few days accurate communication has been a challenge.  While confirming this week’s guests I had to have a couple email exchanges with Wednesday’s Show –Tao Art of Flow‘s  guest John A. Salat to ensure we were all set for the show.  I had to clarify that Friday’s show – Beyond The Abyss with guest author, Becca Chambers was a Becca and not a Becky.  Several times I had sent incorrect information to Saturday’s guest Karen Garvey which she cheerfully caught  – maybe her show Answers to L.I.F.E. will provide answers to this week’s communication challenges.

So if you experience an example of miscommunication, don’t fret about it.  Simply follow up and clarify.  Recognize that many people at the moment are having difficulty communicating effectively.  Be sure you have the message and intent correct.