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February 2012

The Haircut and Intimacy

Last week I was in the town where my favorite haircutter is located. It was time for a trim so I walked into her shop in the early morning. When I arrived she was finishing with a gentleman I had not seen before. As he got up to leave I noticed their interaction was as if they were a couple planning their day ahead. Once he left I got in the chair and asked “Who was that?” She replied with a coy smile and told me that was one of her first loves. I smiled and let her know that I thought there was something between them.

She then began the ‘haircutting’ chat. He was one of the first loves but they had split and gone their own way. She got married and divorced, he never married. Then she continued that he has remained a very good friend over the years. Attends family functions. Even comes to her house to watch movies in the evening but that it ends there. I asked her if she wanted more. She responded, “Yes I would really love more intimacy but I’m afraid to go down that path and possibly ruin a friendship.

At that moment I felt the need to share with her what had just happened the day before to a friend of mine. I was called and told that my friend’s husband had fallen off a ladder while working on their dream house. My friend was out of town when the incident happened. Shell-shocked, my friend had to return home to cope with her husband who was now brain-dead. Her life with her husband unexpectedly ended.

I felt compelled to tell my haircutter the story because it had reinforced in me the importance of living and loving every moment we are here.

I asked who broke off the relationship before. She said she had. To which I commented “and you are still friends today, right.”. She agreed. Realizing at that moment her fear of losing his friendship was unfounded.

I said “If you have a chance for happiness and intimacy and you do not go for it – your time may run out – only to end up in Spirit and discover it was something you both wanted.” That if she would like more than she should let him know. Since she broke it off years before she should be the first to express interest. Just say she was reminiscing and explain why she broke it off in the past and how different she is now.

We never no which day will be our last.

I got a call today from my happy haircutter. There is no longer a lack of intimacy in her life!

Science, Mediums & Romance Heroes

I hope you can join me for this week’s shows!

Wednesday’s Mystical Cruise show 4-5pm Eastern features Dawn Maslar author of Pathways to the Soul:The Science of Insight – Learn the secret behind the paradigm-shifting discoveries of Einstein, Apple’s Steve Jobs, and musical great’s such as Jimi Hendrix.

Thurdsay’s Walk In Cafe 8-9pm Eastern features Jean Wallis – Visionary PsychicStarr’s guest is Jean Wallis. Jean is a psychic from Minneapolis MN and a returning guest. We always have fun when Jean is the guest.  Jean will take callers questions and “tune in” for them.

Friday’s Mystical Cruise show 8-9pm Eastern featuring Mary Bach – Psychic Medium had to be re-scheduled.  Stay tuned for a future show dated.  Mary was born, raised and currently lives in Connecticut. Experiencing spirit communion for as long as she can remember. She is “out of the psychic closet” and eager to make new connections.  I always smile and laugh when Mary is my guest.  See my earlier blog post of “Raisin Bread” for a reference.

Richard Shadowfox's Tarot Deck

Saturday’s Mystical Cruise show 7-8pm Eastern features Richard Shadowfox creator of Deck of Heroes Tarot – Knights and Pirates and Rogues – Oh my! Every fair maid’s fantasy, the dreamy men like those of romance novel covers come to life in this breathtaking 78-card Tarot deck.  This will be a fun show exploring the new deck.  I’ve already started exploriong the card images.

Angels, Labyrinths & new look

New look for 

Today’s show at 8pm Eastern features Ashtara Sasha White, psychic channel of the angels.   Ashtara will start the show talking about the 2012 energy from the ‘angelic’ perspective.  We will then open the lines and take callers questions.


Friday Jan 24th show, 8pm Eastern features Ophelia.  The topic: Language, Labyrinths & Leadership.  It is great to have Ophelia back.  She was last on the Mystical Cruise show on October 25, 2010.


Saturday Jan 25th, 7-9pm Eastern features our good friend, Psychic Medium, TV Host and Mystical Cruise Speaker, Janet Russell.  Be sure to join us for a fun time with Janet as she tunes in for callers.



Last night’s show with Intuitive & Choreographer Daved Beck turned out to be a discussion of inspiration. I have found when show’s like last night happen (low caller turnout) it’s because the show topics are important for all to hear, not for a select few. Click here to listen to this Inspiration Discussion

The show was packed with information about the essence of Inspiration and to ~ not only appreciate those who are inspirational but ~ BE an inspiration.

Cruisin’ with Dave ‘The Mystic’

Dave ‘The Mystic’ Barnett – Radio Host, Engineer and Energy Healer

Dave Barnett is the newest speaker to join the Mystical Cruise 2012 Speaker lineup.  He is an aerospace engineer and an energy healer who explores all forms of energy and psychic healing, clearing of entities, delving into the subconscious, past lives, astral and spiritual planes, soul retrieval and many forms of psychic phenomena. Dave hosts a web radio show on all matters spiritual including healing! Please join him on Monday nights, 8PM (Mountain)/10pm (Eastern) at Dave The Mystic on BlogTalkRadio  You can find out more about Dave and his services at

I hope you’ll choose to join us for the Mystical Cruise 2012!

Paranormal, Shared Death & Evolution

Unfortunately, Wednesday’s show had to be canceled.  Our guest had a family emergency to attend to.  The topic was Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team – ARPAST, a science-based research group dedicated to furthering their measured understanding of anomalous and unexplained phenomena.  Our guest was to be Founder & President of ARPAST, Larry Flaxman.

Thursday’s Walk In Cafe show from 8:00-9:00pm Eastern, with host Starr Weldon, has the return of the popular Tarot & Nature Spirit Coach, Eve Sheldon.  Starr and Eve will catch up on the energy of the time and Eve will take callers questions and pull some cards to find and provide guidance.

Friday’s Mystical Cruise Show from 8:00-9:00pm Eastern has us “Somewhere In Between – The Hokey Pokey, Chocolate Cake and The Shared Death Experience”.  That is the name of author Lizzy Miles’ book.  On this show we will discuss her book and the “shared death experience”.

Saturday’s Mystical Cruise Show, 7:00-8:00pm Eastern,  we again go to Evolution, the Next Level with Mystical Cruise speaker, Intuitive, Life Coach & Choreographer, Daved Beck.  We will catch up on Daved’s dance activities, get a cruise update and Daved will take callers questions, ‘tune-in’ and provide energetic guidance.  Be sure to tune in – Daved’s enthusisam is contagious!!

Hope as Intended

Yesterday’s show Divine Riches was one of the types of shows I had hoped to air on  It was a story of overcoming adversity and finding the jewel of  a lesson.  The author, Catherine Lenard, shared her insights on how to come through the pain of loss in life.  A caller from Tennessee, Brenda, was having a difficult time coping with the loss of her husband and young child and Catherine was able to provide guidance.  I suggested Brenda sit down and write about her husband and son.  That they no doubt taught her much and would most likely be right with her in Spirit guiding what she wrote.  She indicated that she did feel them near, and used to write.  I hope that helps Brenda.  Even better, below is an email I received from Catherine with further advice and direction to both callers.

Mystical Cruise Listeners . . .
If you have questions related to the Mystical Cruise radio interview, I’ll do my best to answer them. Please use the ‘Add Comment’ feature to ask your question.
Note for Brenda: Under the ‘Helpful Articles’ tab, please see ‘Rx for Loss & Grief: What To Do When it All Falls Apart,’ also the ‘Ego & The Infinite’ chapter in ‘Divine Riches.’ Remember to feel and breathe. Even if it seems impossible at this time, having blind faith that, inch by inch, you will be able to emerge from your sorrow will help move you through your process. Take the time to fully grieve your losses. Releasing pain makes way for the authentic Self.  “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen (Anthem lyrics)
Note for Jay: As I mentioned at the beginning of the interview about the rubic’s cube, I was frustrated about not being able to figure out how things worked. I spent a lifetime looking for the answer. Like you, I had bits and pieces of universal principles, but didn’t know how to put them together. ‘Divine Riches’ concisely guides you
through the ‘how to’ steps to creating the life you deserve.

Belize ‘pops up’

While organizing some papers I came across our Belize announcement from the last Mystical Cruise.


The night before getting into port, often while at dinner, the cabin attendants place an informational sheet on your bed. An overview of the port. Once I saw the pamphlet it brought a smile to my face. Happy memories of a wonderful trip. Then I realized our new adventure is in the works.

Thinking about the pamphlet also brought to mind the great ‘towel creations’ that awaited us on our bed – or even hanging from the sliding door curtain.

Shake & Wake

A common thread seems to occur when people’s lives are shaken.  A Shake-Up to Wake-Up call of sorts.  Many an author have written about overcoming adversity – changing a perspective of major events that occured in their lives.  I often thought that if we could “Shake Up” all the people in the world and had them “fall into the career of choice”, every role would be filled with a satisfied soul.  Yet what we often have are people working, devoting time and attention to activities that do not satisfy the soul.

I believe “Shake-Ups” occur to force the person to stop and take note of the path they are traveling. 

That the road being traveled is not the best path for the benefit of their spirit.  Many times we receive guidance, that inner knowing, but fail to follow that gut feeling.  If we continue to ignore the signs that our life path is ‘off-track’ then our very spirit will most likely attract a “Shake-Up”.  When this occurs, often a course adjustment results.  If an adjustment does not occur a bigger “Shake-Up” may be necessary.  The end result is that people learn the importance of their life, how it has been lived, and even more importantly – how to live from that point forward – they “Wake-Up”!

Are “Shake-Ups” necessary?  Sometimes.  I believe they come into play when our actions have us on a path that deviates too far from our Spirit’s plan for growth this incarnation.  Can they be avoided or minimized?  Definitely.  By simply becoming aware of you unique Spirit’s quest for expression of love through the unique you.  Or for the more down-to-earth application – follow your heart and soul’s desires.  Stop and listen to your intuition – then FOLLOW IT!  Find what brings you joy and devote your attention to that.  Co-create successful – (loving, supportive, energizing) relationships and projects.

It is the successful manifestation of co-creation that demonstrates the God within each of us.  To create something out of nothing.  With each success  – our soul and spirit grows that much stronger – and a stronger spirit is a life well-lived.

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