As I mentioned in my Jan 30th Blog – “What I meant to Say” – communication is challenging at this time. Witness the comment by Mitt Romney regarding the poor and their ‘safety net’ – and the recent Susan B. Koman Foundation decision to stop providing future grants to Planned Parenthood is another example of a communication disaster. Both have been met with loud opposition – as they should have been.

There is actually a side benefit to these communication difficulties. It is creating an emotional current and discussion of some of our basic beliefs – causing people to not only recognize and evaluate their beliefs – but to express them emotionally.

In the Mitt Romney example the discussion is, How do we treat the less fortunate in our society? If you believe that this life is all there is – then it makes sense to live life for yourself. However if you believe there is ‘something’ beyond this life – then it makes sense to life life with compassion because the less fortunate could be you or someone you love.

The Susan B. Koman Foundation said their decision was non-political. The overwhelming feedback from people is – that they don’t believe it. The spokesperson for the foundation has been making media appearances to explain the ‘new rules’ they are instituting. Their decision will deny services to those in need without resources. Fighting cancer is NOT a political discussion we should be having – and a CANCER-FIGHTING organization should not be making rules that will result in an INCREASE cancer occurances!! It does not make sense. If you want to have better control or tracking, improve your reporting methods – don’t deny service.

So there is a benefit to this miscommunication –

  • it’s making us evaluate our beliefs about how we should view and help ‘the poor’;
  • and the hypocricy of a cancer-fighting foundation creating rules that will govern their decisions which will result in a marked increase in undetected and untreated cancer.

Take advantage of this mis-communication – Express yourself! Learn how you feel about life and ‘the poor’ and recognize that sometimes people and organizations create rules that self-defeating and that go against our very heart and soul.