Wow.  22 Years Ago today Roy Worley got the idea for the oracle Prophecy.  When he asked me if I wanted to make an oracle (game) I said “Yeah, right”.  We had no experience in ‘game-making’ but that did not stop us from bringing the idea into reality.  In the 22 years – thousands have been sold worldwide.  The stories we have heard about the beneficial guidance Prophecy provided makes it hard for me to concieve NOT having brought it into existance.   To this day we get feedback on the oracle’s accuracy and positive messages.  Last year I put up Prophecy online for people to experience.

Now that Prophecy is entering it’s 22nd year – it’s time to look at a new incarnation!  Might have to explore the possibilities with my new publisher friends.  One thing is for sure –  22 years later… I use the words, “Yeah, right.” carefully.