With more than 150 different guests on BITEradio.me it was bound to happen that 2 guests should meet and find out they both were guests on the Mystical Cruise Show – a common experience! That happened to two of my favorite guests – return guests – that are simply a lot of fun. They are Mary Bach and Rebecca LoCicero. Below is a copy of the email I received from Mary. (btw, I indicated that I was curious about how the meeting unfolded and how the BITEradio.me common element was discovered).

Well, Mr Curiousity,
There is a tendency here in the frozen (well,not this year anyway) north for local holistic practitioners to meet for breakfast once a month to swap info for classes and events and just to build community. My (our) gal KT LaFrance told me her cyber pal Rebecca went to the ones in Vernon, so I should look out for her. (There are two I tend to go to, one in Vernon and another in Windsor, the small town where I student taught thirty years ago..how is that or a small world?!) This past Friday, Rebecca and I were both there at the Vernon Diner and we sat together (to swap we-love-that-crazy-KT stories).



In the course of conversation she was talking about three predictions she had made on BITE radio. Well, that was all it took.  As it ends up, our daughters were both accepted at the same college (Salem State) although mine is opting for her first (more expensive) love, Smith. I am sure you heard the screaming when she got her acceptance letter.
Hope you have a great week!
Love from the old country,

This type of meeting makes me look forward – even MORE – to the Mystical Cruise in November where I will meet in person several of the Mystical Cruise show’s most popular guests!