A common thread seems to occur when people’s lives are shaken.  A Shake-Up to Wake-Up call of sorts.  Many an author have written about overcoming adversity – changing a perspective of major events that occured in their lives.  I often thought that if we could “Shake Up” all the people in the world and had them “fall into the career of choice”, every role would be filled with a satisfied soul.  Yet what we often have are people working, devoting time and attention to activities that do not satisfy the soul.

I believe “Shake-Ups” occur to force the person to stop and take note of the path they are traveling. 

That the road being traveled is not the best path for the benefit of their spirit.  Many times we receive guidance, that inner knowing, but fail to follow that gut feeling.  If we continue to ignore the signs that our life path is ‘off-track’ then our very spirit will most likely attract a “Shake-Up”.  When this occurs, often a course adjustment results.  If an adjustment does not occur a bigger “Shake-Up” may be necessary.  The end result is that people learn the importance of their life, how it has been lived, and even more importantly – how to live from that point forward – they “Wake-Up”!

Are “Shake-Ups” necessary?  Sometimes.  I believe they come into play when our actions have us on a path that deviates too far from our Spirit’s plan for growth this incarnation.  Can they be avoided or minimized?  Definitely.  By simply becoming aware of you unique Spirit’s quest for expression of love through the unique you.  Or for the more down-to-earth application – follow your heart and soul’s desires.  Stop and listen to your intuition – then FOLLOW IT!  Find what brings you joy and devote your attention to that.  Co-create successful – (loving, supportive, energizing) relationships and projects.

It is the successful manifestation of co-creation that demonstrates the God within each of us.  To create something out of nothing.  With each success  – our soul and spirit grows that much stronger – and a stronger spirit is a life well-lived.