Yesterday’s show Divine Riches was one of the types of shows I had hoped to air on  It was a story of overcoming adversity and finding the jewel of  a lesson.  The author, Catherine Lenard, shared her insights on how to come through the pain of loss in life.  A caller from Tennessee, Brenda, was having a difficult time coping with the loss of her husband and young child and Catherine was able to provide guidance.  I suggested Brenda sit down and write about her husband and son.  That they no doubt taught her much and would most likely be right with her in Spirit guiding what she wrote.  She indicated that she did feel them near, and used to write.  I hope that helps Brenda.  Even better, below is an email I received from Catherine with further advice and direction to both callers.

Mystical Cruise Listeners . . .
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Note for Brenda: Under the ‘Helpful Articles’ tab, please see ‘Rx for Loss & Grief: What To Do When it All Falls Apart,’ also the ‘Ego & The Infinite’ chapter in ‘Divine Riches.’ Remember to feel and breathe. Even if it seems impossible at this time, having blind faith that, inch by inch, you will be able to emerge from your sorrow will help move you through your process. Take the time to fully grieve your losses. Releasing pain makes way for the authentic Self.  “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen (Anthem lyrics)
Note for Jay: As I mentioned at the beginning of the interview about the rubic’s cube, I was frustrated about not being able to figure out how things worked. I spent a lifetime looking for the answer. Like you, I had bits and pieces of universal principles, but didn’t know how to put them together. ‘Divine Riches’ concisely guides you
through the ‘how to’ steps to creating the life you deserve.