Unfortunately, Wednesday’s show had to be canceled.  Our guest had a family emergency to attend to.  The topic was Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team – ARPAST, a science-based research group dedicated to furthering their measured understanding of anomalous and unexplained phenomena.  Our guest was to be Founder & President of ARPAST, Larry Flaxman.

Thursday’s Walk In Cafe show from 8:00-9:00pm Eastern, with host Starr Weldon, has the return of the popular Tarot & Nature Spirit Coach, Eve Sheldon.  Starr and Eve will catch up on the energy of the time and Eve will take callers questions and pull some cards to find and provide guidance.

Friday’s Mystical Cruise Show from 8:00-9:00pm Eastern has us “Somewhere In Between – The Hokey Pokey, Chocolate Cake and The Shared Death Experience”.  That is the name of author Lizzy Miles’ book.  On this show we will discuss her book and the “shared death experience”.

Saturday’s Mystical Cruise Show, 7:00-8:00pm Eastern,  we again go to Evolution, the Next Level with Mystical Cruise speaker, Intuitive, Life Coach & Choreographer, Daved Beck.  We will catch up on Daved’s dance activities, get a cruise update and Daved will take callers questions, ‘tune-in’ and provide energetic guidance.  Be sure to tune in – Daved’s enthusisam is contagious!!