Last week I was in the town where my favorite haircutter is located. It was time for a trim so I walked into her shop in the early morning. When I arrived she was finishing with a gentleman I had not seen before. As he got up to leave I noticed their interaction was as if they were a couple planning their day ahead. Once he left I got in the chair and asked “Who was that?” She replied with a coy smile and told me that was one of her first loves. I smiled and let her know that I thought there was something between them.

She then began the ‘haircutting’ chat. He was one of the first loves but they had split and gone their own way. She got married and divorced, he never married. Then she continued that he has remained a very good friend over the years. Attends family functions. Even comes to her house to watch movies in the evening but that it ends there. I asked her if she wanted more. She responded, “Yes I would really love more intimacy but I’m afraid to go down that path and possibly ruin a friendship.

At that moment I felt the need to share with her what had just happened the day before to a friend of mine. I was called and told that my friend’s husband had fallen off a ladder while working on their dream house. My friend was out of town when the incident happened. Shell-shocked, my friend had to return home to cope with her husband who was now brain-dead. Her life with her husband unexpectedly ended.

I felt compelled to tell my haircutter the story because it had reinforced in me the importance of living and loving every moment we are here.

I asked who broke off the relationship before. She said she had. To which I commented “and you are still friends today, right.”. She agreed. Realizing at that moment her fear of losing his friendship was unfounded.

I said “If you have a chance for happiness and intimacy and you do not go for it – your time may run out – only to end up in Spirit and discover it was something you both wanted.” That if she would like more than she should let him know. Since she broke it off years before she should be the first to express interest. Just say she was reminiscing and explain why she broke it off in the past and how different she is now.

We never no which day will be our last.

I got a call today from my happy haircutter. There is no longer a lack of intimacy in her life!