Wednesday’s Mystical Cruise Show with psychic medium Josephine Ghiringhelli was another insightful show.  In addition to connecting with Spirit for callers, Josephine and I had a conversation about how Spirit communicates with us.  During the show Josephine indicated that she recognizes the spirit of her son James as a blue orb.  In the chatroom, sweet Cathie Bradshaw of Cathies Distant Echoes show said she was still on the fence about orbs being Spirit representation.

Having listened to Cathie’s shows many, many times I know she believes in the presence of Spirit around us – she’s just not convinced that orbs are a Spirit manifestation.

Then a moment of insight came out.  It is your belief system that guides how and if you receive Spirit communication.  If you do not believe in Spirit, no matter what Spirit does, you will not hear them.  If you believe orbs represent Spirit, and a Spirit wants you to take notice –  it would present itself as an orb.  If your believe in Angels – then Spirit communication would most likely appear Angelic.  For Spirit to try to communicate to you in a way outside your belief system would be a waste of their energy.

So if you want to communicate with Spirit, first examine your beliefs.  Then ask Spirit to manifest within your belief system.  If you want a new way to communicate then create new beliefs.