This week’s shows are very diverse topics and energies – I hope you’ll listen in.

Today, Wednesday’s show 4-5pm Eastern time has returning guest Intuitive, Life Coach & Choreographer Daved Beck.  Daved is a speaker on the Mystical Cruise and I am going to LOVE having his infectious energy aboard ship.  We’ll catch up with Daved and see what happened this past month then we’ll take callers and Daved will tune in to see what the Angelic guides say to him.

Thursday’s show 8-9pm Eastern has Divine Mystic, Astrologer Gayle Powell as the guest.  I speak with Gayle very, very, very regularly.  Gayle’s insight and interpretation of my chart is simply amazing.  As recent as YESTERDAY – Gayle was guided to look at my chart and call me early in the morning.  She spent the next half hour just touching on aspects in my chart, how they would manifest and how to best handle the situation.  Then yesterday afternoon – BAM – situation pops up, I handle as discussed in the morning and the result – I had an amazing sense of power and control of my life.  Hope you can tune in to the show – Gayle will talk about the current astrological happenings.

Friday’s show 8-9pm will feature Elise Krenzel.  I connected with Elise through LinkedIn and she will be talking about DNA Activation for the first have of the show and doing mini-readings for callers during the second half of the show.  Elise’s work is LifeGPS.

Saturday’s show, St. Patrick’s Day from 7-9pm is a personal favorite, psychic Janet Russell. She has been providing readings for more than 50 years and is amazingly active.  Janet is located on Long Island, NY and is consatantly on the go doing fundraisers, events, readings, TV shows, etc.  I love her!  Janet is also a Mystical Cruise speaker and when she called into Kat Darden’s show last Saturday I got a glimpse into the future and the energy aboard the ship is going to be electric!  We’ll get an update from Janet and have 2 hours of taking calls!