Just received this LinkedIn post where I offer an opporunity for authors to possibly be a guest on my Mystical Cruise Show.

Betsy Balega •  Hi Robert, strange coincidence, my book is Being Mystic and I am in talks to host a mystical cruise. You can read more at my site, http://www.betsybalega.com.  Love to be a guest. Have a super week.”

Betsy thought it was a strange coincidence that her book title is Being Mystic and she is in talks to host a mystical cruise.  She apparently was unaware that I AM hosting the Mystical Cruise 2013…… add to that look at the pictures below.  The one on the left is a picture I snapped about 6-8 weeks ago.  The one on the right is Betsy’s book cover…. so what do you think?

To me – it’s a confirmation that this Mystical Cruise is going to be HEAVENLY!! ……almost 1/3 of 30 low-priced cabins are already booked!