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May 2012

Control Dramas

Very educational show tonight. For insight on controlling conflict behaviors or how people use drama to control us listen to the archives!

Control Dramas w/ Dr Jody Janati

Wild show!

Tonight’s Mystical Cruise show was wild! First, 2 characters in the book I am writing were both on tonight’s show – from opposite sides of the world! One topic tonight was ‘timing’. How difficult it is to predict. Some things might have to happen before something else.

There was a caller, Ashley from California. During commercial break I told her she would be next. By the time the break ended Ashley’s number dropped to the bottom of the queue. I had 5 callers before Ashley sent me a message, she thought she was next.

I apologized and brought Ashley on. Mary connected with someone in spirit for Ashley. Toward the end of the call Ashley asked how she could communicate with him. As Mary was telling Ashley to focus on him when she feels him around – that would be the place to start. Just then Ashley said that there was a nickname she had for him and it just flashed on the TV! That timing would not have happened if I had brought Ashley on early! A PERFECT example of Spirit and timing.

Then – while writing my thank you to Mary saying the Ashley call was something – on my TV is an Ashley Furniture commercial!!

Listen to the show –

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