Happening now – OPPORTUNITIES are being presented – How are you responding?

I had to write this post to let you know of several examples in the past few days where OPPORUINITIES were missed… and not.

First – a missed opportunity.  Several days ago a Facebook friend ‘tagged’ me in a response to her friend’s rejection to be on a radio show – my friend indicated that I would most likely be open to having her as a guest on my show.  After looking at the person’s web site I saw that as a possibility and extended an invitation.  I never heard back.  It would not surprise me if this woman is still focused on, and complaining about, her rejection.

Second – an ALMOST missed opportunity. A couple days ago I received an invitation to post a link to our Mystical Cruise 2013 on an online metaphysical newspaper’s web site.  Simply send the link.  Advertising our cruise is vital.  Yesterday when reviewing missed opportunities I remembered the invitation and immediately sent the link.  It was up within hours.  Referrals from her web site will earn her referral money.  Luckily I minimized the time lost from invitation to posting by taking care of it at that moment.

Third – OPPORTUNITY MAXIMIZED.   Several days ago Roy was speaking with a friend whose car, an old Mercedes, was in the shop with a pending big repair and the mechanic did not recommend the expense as a wise choice.  The friend was heartbroken because she loved that car.  A couple days ago Roy went to the grocery store, not for any particular reason.  While parking he saw a Mercedes car for sale in the parking lot.  It was exactly the same as his friend’s only white, not black.  Roy wrote the number down and contacted friend, friend contacted car owner, Roy test drives car, friend decides to purchase and fly into town to purchase ‘new’ car next Sunday – same make and year as the beloved transportation she had enjoyed for so long…

OPPORTUNITIES are sometimes NOT JUST FOR YOU! Sometimes we are simply facilitators of assistance – here to not only make our lives better, but also for those we know and love. To play the game and receive – we must also give.