It seems the current energy is pretty intense out there. Much questioning and raw emotions are on display. Friend, Tim Holmes recently sent me a Facebook message asking for my opinion about some of his questioning. In the hope that our discussion may help others, he graciously has given me the ok to post his comment and my reply.

hi Robert, I am looking at the potential of making a living from what I do, the book is an aside really yet I know a lot of people have listened to me and thanked me for helping them. I need to be able to define what this is and who I am and what I do in a nutshell or it isn’t real. honest appraisal as to what is there about me that is good and what is there that I need to work on to eliminate or improve? cheers, Tim

Good day Tim ~ sorry about the delay. I wanted to ponder this for a bit before writing. What you’re asking is an age-old question, Who am I really? First, I understand the ‘making a living’ from what you do. I agree the book is a side element. It is the means to create a discussion and raise awareness. I would suggest that you look at ‘making a living’ as involving many sources of revenue ~ look for multiple streams of opportunity. Defining who you are and what you do in a nutshell seems to me to diminish the depth of your character. I am sure you are aware that ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ are two completely different things. I understand the desire to declare both in order to ‘make it real’ but I would also suggest that defining both ‘boxes you in’. I have dealt with this myself. There was a time when I was in transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world. The question of who I am and what I do was very strong on my mind. In fact, I asked for guidance EVERY DAY. What then happened was what I call the 11 awareness. It was a period where I would constantly catch the 11 minute mark on the clock. Day and night to the point I thought I was going crazy. Then one day a friend who knew my questioning for guidance suggested that I look at the 11 events as an awareness of ‘who I am’ and ‘what I do’. I found that who I was and what I did was a web designer, radio producer (at that time), dish washer, friend consoling friend, laundry doer, bill payer, etc. It was clear that I was all these … and now more. Ever since that awareness I have virtually eliminated my desire to define who I am and what I do, especially since what I do has shifted dramatically throughout the past 15 years .. and interestingly many of the ‘what I do’ still exists .. although there are some changes. Likewise, who I am is in essence the same with a few minor adjustments.  I know this may not be what you were looking for, but it’s what my experience has been and I wanted to share… as for the good in you I don’t know you well enough to list all the goodness in you. From what I have witnessed through our interaction and your Facebook communications you are a very sincere man with a strong desire to uplift people, and men in particular. You are very honest and forthright which is admirable. I have no doubt that also translates into being a good loving husband as well. As for what to work on .. eliminate.. or improve .. I’m not sure. From your questioning, I’d say possibly worry less about defining yourself. Recognize that there are many, many aspects to yourself and they are all real whether or not you define them. If part of the questioning was how to ‘market’ and promote what you can provide – recognize that you can ‘package’ yourself in many ways .. that don’t conflict with each other … i.e. Tim the author, Tim the motivational speaker, Tim the workshop/seminar leader, Tim the volunteer, etc. I hope this helps. ~ Robert