I recently experienced a couple instances that brought that phrase to mind and added to my A.G.E. (Awareness Generating Experience).  Now, I often have guests on my radio show that talk about the importance of gratitude.  It’s important to feel it – and express it.  Over the past week I provided assistance to a couple individuals and didn’t get a ‘thanks’ or acknowledgement of the time I devoted to help.  One didn’t even acknowledge me at all! (I was asked by a friend to help this individual – they thanked my friend for the work I did!)  The other received assistance from 3 DIFFERENT SOURCES and to my knowledge still has not acknowledged the efforts of those trying to help. Knowing that I was shown this for a reason, I pondered this on my morning Nature walk.  What I was shown was that – FIRST – to remind me to continue to express my gratitude to ALL Angels, Earthly and Divine for the assistance I am receiving. It’s easy to recognize the Earthly assistance – it’s here on the physical plane – and it means respond to the email or phone call from someone trying to help you. It’s not as easy to remember with the Divine assistance. That can’t be seen and is often overlooked. I often ask for Divine assistance and if I don’t see it manifest I sometimes forget to say thank you regardless of how things may appear. I must TRUST that all Angelic assistance is in full gear and working for my best interest.  And – SECOND – to stop trying to help those who do not appreciate and value my time.   It’s a reminder for me to use my time more wisely by working on my ‘stuff’ and to only help those who truly know the meaning of gratitude. The message was clear to me – don’t become a so-and-so ~ and whatever the case, Earthly or Divine assistance – remember to not only to SAY Thank You – but to MEAN Thank You. thanks