I had a wonderful conversation with artist Jacqueline Ripstein about her book The Art of HealingArt.  Her art is truly amazing.  We discussed the point when she was ‘pushed’ into displaying her art which up to that point was only viewed by her … she felt ‘exposed’ to the world.  Yet once she overcame her fear she discovered that her work actually provided a ‘healing’ aspect to the viewer and would eventually be viewed by thousands worldwide.

Architect of Your Own Destiny

We talked about the importance of expressing our creativity in whatever form brings us pleasure .. be it art.. cooking .. gardening .. woodworking … photography… film making .. what ever brings you joy – DO IT!


Jacqueline shared her inspiration for the two pictures in this blog.  What they mean to her .. and the symbolism depicted.  Listen to my show with Jacqueline at the following link .. and enjoy … Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show featuring Jacqueline Ripstein