I started my walk this morning indignant and outraged and ended it with thanks and gratitude ~ What happened? I’ll start with what had me indignant. I had a ‘spiritual’ guest on my show this week who indicated “I had a blast with you today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the conversation. You ROCK!” This guest has literally hundreds of thousands of ‘fully-engaged’ connections on social media. The show was not ‘shared’ with these connections ~ before or after the show ~ EVEN AFTER I mention it as a suggestion. If I ROCK then why not share to conversation? This simple act of cross-promotion may have been helpful to building my listener base. The ‘Tip of the Day’ from The Possibility Coaches (former guests) is: Commit to taking other people less personally today! The words & actions of others has nothing to do with you. What someone else says or does is a projection or an outpouring of their own perceptions of reality …” Keeping that in mind, it became clear to me that this guest’s lack of action has to do with their ego and control and not with the ‘value’ of our conversation.

How did I get to Thanks and Gratitude? It was something another guest on my show this week said. It was Jonathan Robinson author of Finding Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance and Joy Into Your Life. During that show he gave the ‘shortcut’ that if confronted with a difficult situation ask yourself “What possible good can come from this?” I asked myself that question. I received two distinct answers: 1) The lack of mutual benefit from having and promoting guests on my show for more than 3.5 years is not working for me. It’s time to re-evaluate whether to continue to pour hundreds of hours of effort into something that is not giving me the support I need, and 2) It provided me with the emotional arousal I needed to infuse into my second book Spirituality BITEs. I have known for some time that I needed to add some passion to my beliefs ~ and the inconsiderate guest provided me with the fire in my belly.

So THANK YOU former guests for showing me what I needed to see today – I am GRATEFUL.