I believe one of the most rewarding accomplishments that one can achieve in their life is to be an inspiration to others.  Some of humankind’s most technological advancements and most beautiful works of art exist because of inspiration from human or Divine sources.

How does one become inspirational?

If you take a moment to examine the life of a couple inspirational people who have recently passed on, you will see a couple integral components.  The two examples that come to my mind quickly are Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandela.  Both spirits are considered inspirational by many in the global community.  A poet and a politician.  Very different life paths, but they have common elements.  Both had a life of struggle – but did not let that prevent them from living life to it’s fullest.  Both worked toward a peaceful and compassionate world.  Most importantly they both walked their talk.  Have you had, or currently have, a difficult life?  Then you have the seeds of becoming inspirational.

Not every inspirational person is famous.  To some, a parent or grandparent is their inspiration.  What is it that makes them inspirational?  Could it be their belief in the value of the child?  Maybe it’s unconditional love and support that the parent or grandparent provides.  If you are a parent or grandparent, you have the perfect life situation to be inspirational.

What about the neighbor, teacher, firefighter, police officer, postman, charity worker, lover, spouse, friend, and even radio host?  Each one of these roles in life can be a source of inspiration… and truth be told… EVERY single person, no matter what role in life they play can be inspirational right where they are – starting now.


As host of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth show it is my passion to present inspirational people to my listeners. I have had guests from all walks of life and ones with varying degrees of ‘success’ and/or ‘influence’.  I remember two recent ‘high profile’ guests on my show.  One inspired me, the other did not.  Both guests had many appearances on popular national television and radio shows.  Both guests have literally hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and both had inspirational messages to deliver.

Guest A spoke of compassion after a lifetime of struggle.  During the show she often referenced the many interactions she had with famous people (name-dropped) and how her message ‘resonated’ with them, giving her work ‘validity’.  Even though Guest B had comparable interactions with famous people, not once during the show did he mention them.  Instead his focus was on providing useful information for the listener.  Also, Guest B offered his services to the listeners but only after a two week period, the day following the interview he was off to the Syria/Turkey border to assist with the refugee crisis.

Which guest do you think inspired me most?

My favorite guests are those who are not famous but have chosen to use difficult life circumstances as a motivation to assist others going through similar struggles. They chose to give of themselves with little reward. They are compassionate and available. They walk their talk.

They have become inspirational.