It was my hope that my new eBook ‘It’s No Secret.. Spirituality BITEs‘ would stimulate thought and action in the reader to DO SOMETHING to better their life. Recent feedback has allowed me to shift that ‘hope’ into ‘faith’ that the eBook will do as intended.

I received the following email at 1:11am this morning.

Hi Bob,

So, I’ve read your new book… a few times. I won’t go as far to say as your books “haunt me” but they certainly leave a lasting impression. To be honest, when I read Spirituality Bites the first time I thought it was a bit more negative than Joy Potential. But then when I reread it, it became clear that the whole idea, to me at least, is to “rise above” all the negativity we might encounter, learn from it and just move on to more productive things. I especially like #5 Evil exists… and we met. There is a person at work who, for the past 4 years, has caused complete turmoil among our staff. Totally unprofessional and very hard to please…. belligerent at times. And she happens to be a supervisor. We often times play along to appease. But the quote about “non-cooperation with evil being is as much a duty as cooperation with good” hit home. I’ve recently written a formal complaint about her to our HR manager, and I must say, I felt damn good about it. So thank you.

Anyway… you’re truly gifted and I hope you keep writing. I really enjoy your work.

Love, —–

Thank you Reader for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated! ~ With Gratitude, Robert (aka Bob) ~



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