Today was indeed an odd day.  Synchronicity, which can sometimes be a rare occurence, grabbed my attention not once, not twice, not even three times – but four distinct happenings in one day.

The first happening involves my newest book I am writing. Late last night I was typing a new character’s comments. He’s a young guy and addressed another character as ‘dude’ and made a comment. After typing the statement I paused and questioned myself as to whether I really wanted to write that. It was getting very late so I decided to leave what was written and look at it today with fresh eyes. The morning went by without giving it another thought.  Then, on the way to lunch I had a talk radio station playing and one of the DJ’s said the exact words I had written the evening before. “Dude….” After getting over the shock of what I heard, the Ah Ha insight was – keep writing and stop questioning yourself.

The second happening began when I was reading some random Facebook posts this morning.  I came across Lyn Ragan’s page Signs of the Afterlife. I’ll be honest, I don’t often read the comments but do enjoy looking at the photos and quotes she posts. Today there was a thread about what to say to someone who’s loved one has passed on. The responses were thoughtful, kind and sensitive. Little did I know that this afternoon I would be drawing upon those comments when a good friend called me and told me of a mutual dear friend passing on last night. Her passing was sudden and shocked us all. I just spoke with her last week.

The third happening was just interesting. While walking today I found a $5 bill. This was cool and I decided to post a pic of it on Facebook. (Not something I would normally do.) It generated some nice comments but my FB friend, Christy Wilkinson wrote “Robert so glad you found the $5.00. I’m a number woman so I looked at the numbers on the bill. I saw on the bill IC 144 which used to be an old ext. where I used to work. I saw someone today that used to work there too. That was so cool.” What are the odds?

The final odd occurence was when I went to check my LinkedIn page which I do only occasionally I saw that one of my connections had posted a link to a product that was a “Fountain of Youth” pill. I clicked on the link (again, something I rarely do) which took me to the page which discussed the product and how it affects one’s telomeres. I had never heard that term so took a few moments to ‘Google’ it and learn a bit.  Tonight I watched the movie ‘The Age of Adaline’ and wouldn’t you know it – at the end of the movie was a discussion about telomeres – a term I did not know until today.

Each happening was not a massive life changing event by any stretch.. but each showed me something helpful to remember.

  • Keep writing this new book – and stop questioning myself;
  • A short Facebook detour reading a thread about emotional compassion was exactly what I needed when a friend called this afternoon – and a reminder of the gift of life we have each and every day;
  • Sharing my fortunate $5 find helped a friend see the ‘coolness’ when it reminded her of an ex-job and meeting an ex-coworker today.
  • and my out-of-the-ordinary check in with LinkedIn, a friend’s post and my curiosity about a term I did not know – helped me understand a discussion in a movie I saw tonight that I would not have understood had I not followed that desire to learn.

So it was a day for me to be shown the value of being confident, taking detours, sharing, being curious, learning new things & most of all – a reminder of the value of life.