I personally want to thank Donald Trump for all he has given to the world!


  • Thank you for showing us that mocking a person with physical disabilities is disgusting;
  • Thank you for uniting the country .. against you;
  • Thank you for reminding us that women are not to be objectified;
  • Thank you for raising awareness of the sacrifice Purple Heart recipients made to this country by your comment of ‘how easy it was’ for y
    ou to receive a faux medal;
  • Thank you for showing the world that democracy is not perfect;
  • Thank you for bringing to light those politicians who place themselves ahead of country;
  • Thank you for being disrespectful to the Khans – and showing your complete lack of compassion;
  • Thank you emphasizing the destructive power of words in 140 characters or less;
  • Thank you for making Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency much easier;
  • Thank you for proposing the wall with Mexico, showing the ridiculous nature of your ‘solutions’;
  • Thank you for helping us see the blindness in those around us, your supporters;
  • Thank you for proposing the Muslim ban because it backfired and welcoming voices prevailed;
  • Thank you for showing us that ignorance of global affairs is short-sighted;
  • and most of all Thank You for sacrificing and tarnishing your image along with the millions of dollars in future revenue you will lose because you have shown the world exactly who you are!