When one thinks of the Afterlife a common perspective is some positive experience, ‘Heaven’ contrasted with a negative’Hell’. What if instead of the two possible destinations there was only one place with the same confusing combination that we have on Earth – a mix of both positive and negative?

During my Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show with Barry Eaton, Australian radio host, journalist, broadcaster and author of No Goodbyes; Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side we discussed the information he received from his guides that in facbarryeaton2t the Afterlife is a complex ‘place’, or dimension, with various levels and degrees of light and dark forces. The saying ‘ you can’t take it with you’ seems to only apply to the physical aspects of life, your money, possessions, even your body.  What does go with you are the emotions and experiences.  Love, hate, anger, forgiveness, along with the positive and negative interactions with other people (souls).   So if you have any ‘issues’ with someone, it’s best to get them resolved because it seems like there is no escape.

Another important message in No Goodbyes is the recognition of a ‘gift’ in every passing.  It may not be immediate and not readily seen, but it is there.  For the author, Barry Eaton, it was the the unfolding of his mediumship abilities after the passing of his companion Judy.  For others it may be forgiveness, freedom, self-awareness or simply to recognize that life is fleeting and to make the most of one’s time on Earth.

The Afterlife as presented in No Goodbyes is one similar to this existance – minus the physical aspect.  Emotions, learning, hierarchies, soul groups, and much more.