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When ‘no thanks’ means ‘no thanks’

A podcaster recently sent me a request to be on my show. Not convinced that I wanted her as a guest, I waited a couple days. Meanwhile I get another email from the same email address from ‘the publicist’ of that individual saying how much she has to offer. The email did not have ‘the publicist’ name. That made the decision very easy – no thanks – I’ll pass.

For God’s sake – if you’re going to fake a publicist then use a unique email address and fake name!

The individual responded to my ‘no thanks’ that she was disappointed with my decision and ‘What are you looking for?’ – that’s easy – authentic people.

Spirituality BITEs Motivates Readers to ‘BITE back’

It was my hope that my new eBook ‘It’s No Secret.. Spirituality BITEs‘ would stimulate thought and action in the reader to DO SOMETHING to better their life. Recent feedback has allowed me to shift that ‘hope’ into ‘faith’ that the eBook will do as intended.

I received the following email at 1:11am this morning.

Hi Bob,

So, I’ve read your new book… a few times. I won’t go as far to say as your books “haunt me” but they certainly leave a lasting impression. To be honest, when I read Spirituality Bites the first time I thought it was a bit more negative than Joy Potential. But then when I reread it, it became clear that the whole idea, to me at least, is to “rise above” all the negativity we might encounter, learn from it and just move on to more productive things. I especially like #5 Evil exists… and we met. There is a person at work who, for the past 4 years, has caused complete turmoil among our staff. Totally unprofessional and very hard to please…. belligerent at times. And she happens to be a supervisor. We often times play along to appease. But the quote about “non-cooperation with evil being is as much a duty as cooperation with good” hit home. I’ve recently written a formal complaint about her to our HR manager, and I must say, I felt damn good about it. So thank you.

Anyway… you’re truly gifted and I hope you keep writing. I really enjoy your work.

Love, —–

Thank you Reader for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated! ~ With Gratitude, Robert (aka Bob) ~



Copies can be ordered at

Becoming Inspirational

I believe one of the most rewarding accomplishments that one can achieve in their life is to be an inspiration to others.  Some of humankind’s most technological advancements and most beautiful works of art exist because of inspiration from human or Divine sources.

How does one become inspirational?

If you take a moment to examine the life of a couple inspirational people who have recently passed on, you will see a couple integral components.  The two examples that come to my mind quickly are Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandela.  Both spirits are considered inspirational by many in the global community.  A poet and a politician.  Very different life paths, but they have common elements.  Both had a life of struggle – but did not let that prevent them from living life to it’s fullest.  Both worked toward a peaceful and compassionate world.  Most importantly they both walked their talk.  Have you had, or currently have, a difficult life?  Then you have the seeds of becoming inspirational.

Not every inspirational person is famous.  To some, a parent or grandparent is their inspiration.  What is it that makes them inspirational?  Could it be their belief in the value of the child?  Maybe it’s unconditional love and support that the parent or grandparent provides.  If you are a parent or grandparent, you have the perfect life situation to be inspirational.

What about the neighbor, teacher, firefighter, police officer, postman, charity worker, lover, spouse, friend, and even radio host?  Each one of these roles in life can be a source of inspiration… and truth be told… EVERY single person, no matter what role in life they play can be inspirational right where they are – starting now.


As host of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth show it is my passion to present inspirational people to my listeners. I have had guests from all walks of life and ones with varying degrees of ‘success’ and/or ‘influence’.  I remember two recent ‘high profile’ guests on my show.  One inspired me, the other did not.  Both guests had many appearances on popular national television and radio shows.  Both guests have literally hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and both had inspirational messages to deliver.

Guest A spoke of compassion after a lifetime of struggle.  During the show she often referenced the many interactions she had with famous people (name-dropped) and how her message ‘resonated’ with them, giving her work ‘validity’.  Even though Guest B had comparable interactions with famous people, not once during the show did he mention them.  Instead his focus was on providing useful information for the listener.  Also, Guest B offered his services to the listeners but only after a two week period, the day following the interview he was off to the Syria/Turkey border to assist with the refugee crisis.

Which guest do you think inspired me most?

My favorite guests are those who are not famous but have chosen to use difficult life circumstances as a motivation to assist others going through similar struggles. They chose to give of themselves with little reward. They are compassionate and available. They walk their talk.

They have become inspirational.


From Indignant and Outrage, to Thanks and Gratitude


I started my walk this morning indignant and outraged and ended it with thanks and gratitude ~ What happened? I’ll start with what had me indignant. I had a ‘spiritual’ guest on my show this week who indicated “I had a blast with you today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the conversation. You ROCK!” This guest has literally hundreds of thousands of ‘fully-engaged’ connections on social media. The show was not ‘shared’ with these connections ~ before or after the show ~ EVEN AFTER I mention it as a suggestion. If I ROCK then why not share to conversation? This simple act of cross-promotion may have been helpful to building my listener base. The ‘Tip of the Day’ from The Possibility Coaches (former guests) is: Commit to taking other people less personally today! The words & actions of others has nothing to do with you. What someone else says or does is a projection or an outpouring of their own perceptions of reality …” Keeping that in mind, it became clear to me that this guest’s lack of action has to do with their ego and control and not with the ‘value’ of our conversation.

How did I get to Thanks and Gratitude? It was something another guest on my show this week said. It was Jonathan Robinson author of Finding Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance and Joy Into Your Life. During that show he gave the ‘shortcut’ that if confronted with a difficult situation ask yourself “What possible good can come from this?” I asked myself that question. I received two distinct answers: 1) The lack of mutual benefit from having and promoting guests on my show for more than 3.5 years is not working for me. It’s time to re-evaluate whether to continue to pour hundreds of hours of effort into something that is not giving me the support I need, and 2) It provided me with the emotional arousal I needed to infuse into my second book Spirituality BITEs. I have known for some time that I needed to add some passion to my beliefs ~ and the inconsiderate guest provided me with the fire in my belly.

So THANK YOU former guests for showing me what I needed to see today – I am GRATEFUL.

When a picture is worth .. more than.. a thousand words … The Art of HealingArt

I had a wonderful conversation with artist Jacqueline Ripstein about her book The Art of HealingArt.  Her art is truly amazing.  We discussed the point when she was ‘pushed’ into displaying her art which up to that point was only viewed by her … she felt ‘exposed’ to the world.  Yet once she overcame her fear she discovered that her work actually provided a ‘healing’ aspect to the viewer and would eventually be viewed by thousands worldwide.

Architect of Your Own Destiny

We talked about the importance of expressing our creativity in whatever form brings us pleasure .. be it art.. cooking .. gardening .. woodworking … photography… film making .. what ever brings you joy – DO IT!


Jacqueline shared her inspiration for the two pictures in this blog.  What they mean to her .. and the symbolism depicted.  Listen to my show with Jacqueline at the following link .. and enjoy … Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show featuring Jacqueline Ripstein


Ungrateful so-and-so

I recently experienced a couple instances that brought that phrase to mind and added to my A.G.E. (Awareness Generating Experience).  Now, I often have guests on my radio show that talk about the importance of gratitude.  It’s important to feel it – and express it.  Over the past week I provided assistance to a couple individuals and didn’t get a ‘thanks’ or acknowledgement of the time I devoted to help.  One didn’t even acknowledge me at all! (I was asked by a friend to help this individual – they thanked my friend for the work I did!)  The other received assistance from 3 DIFFERENT SOURCES and to my knowledge still has not acknowledged the efforts of those trying to help. Knowing that I was shown this for a reason, I pondered this on my morning Nature walk.  What I was shown was that – FIRST – to remind me to continue to express my gratitude to ALL Angels, Earthly and Divine for the assistance I am receiving. It’s easy to recognize the Earthly assistance – it’s here on the physical plane – and it means respond to the email or phone call from someone trying to help you. It’s not as easy to remember with the Divine assistance. That can’t be seen and is often overlooked. I often ask for Divine assistance and if I don’t see it manifest I sometimes forget to say thank you regardless of how things may appear. I must TRUST that all Angelic assistance is in full gear and working for my best interest.  And – SECOND – to stop trying to help those who do not appreciate and value my time.   It’s a reminder for me to use my time more wisely by working on my ‘stuff’ and to only help those who truly know the meaning of gratitude. The message was clear to me – don’t become a so-and-so ~ and whatever the case, Earthly or Divine assistance – remember to not only to SAY Thank You – but to MEAN Thank You. thanks

Who Am I?

It seems the current energy is pretty intense out there. Much questioning and raw emotions are on display. Friend, Tim Holmes recently sent me a Facebook message asking for my opinion about some of his questioning. In the hope that our discussion may help others, he graciously has given me the ok to post his comment and my reply.

hi Robert, I am looking at the potential of making a living from what I do, the book is an aside really yet I know a lot of people have listened to me and thanked me for helping them. I need to be able to define what this is and who I am and what I do in a nutshell or it isn’t real. honest appraisal as to what is there about me that is good and what is there that I need to work on to eliminate or improve? cheers, Tim

Good day Tim ~ sorry about the delay. I wanted to ponder this for a bit before writing. What you’re asking is an age-old question, Who am I really? First, I understand the ‘making a living’ from what you do. I agree the book is a side element. It is the means to create a discussion and raise awareness. I would suggest that you look at ‘making a living’ as involving many sources of revenue ~ look for multiple streams of opportunity. Defining who you are and what you do in a nutshell seems to me to diminish the depth of your character. I am sure you are aware that ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ are two completely different things. I understand the desire to declare both in order to ‘make it real’ but I would also suggest that defining both ‘boxes you in’. I have dealt with this myself. There was a time when I was in transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world. The question of who I am and what I do was very strong on my mind. In fact, I asked for guidance EVERY DAY. What then happened was what I call the 11 awareness. It was a period where I would constantly catch the 11 minute mark on the clock. Day and night to the point I thought I was going crazy. Then one day a friend who knew my questioning for guidance suggested that I look at the 11 events as an awareness of ‘who I am’ and ‘what I do’. I found that who I was and what I did was a web designer, radio producer (at that time), dish washer, friend consoling friend, laundry doer, bill payer, etc. It was clear that I was all these … and now more. Ever since that awareness I have virtually eliminated my desire to define who I am and what I do, especially since what I do has shifted dramatically throughout the past 15 years .. and interestingly many of the ‘what I do’ still exists .. although there are some changes. Likewise, who I am is in essence the same with a few minor adjustments.  I know this may not be what you were looking for, but it’s what my experience has been and I wanted to share… as for the good in you I don’t know you well enough to list all the goodness in you. From what I have witnessed through our interaction and your Facebook communications you are a very sincere man with a strong desire to uplift people, and men in particular. You are very honest and forthright which is admirable. I have no doubt that also translates into being a good loving husband as well. As for what to work on .. eliminate.. or improve .. I’m not sure. From your questioning, I’d say possibly worry less about defining yourself. Recognize that there are many, many aspects to yourself and they are all real whether or not you define them. If part of the questioning was how to ‘market’ and promote what you can provide – recognize that you can ‘package’ yourself in many ways .. that don’t conflict with each other … i.e. Tim the author, Tim the motivational speaker, Tim the workshop/seminar leader, Tim the volunteer, etc. I hope this helps. ~ Robert

Synchronicity continues

While writing an entry last night for my upcoming second book – Take a BITE Out of Life: Insights For Better Living – I overheard a comment on a show I had on in the background that was identical to what I had just written. This type of synchronicity occurred while writing my first book Joy Potential: Where You’d Least Expect It.

It is that ‘connection’ and synchronicity that confirms for me that I’m ‘on the right track’. It is energizing and serves to push me to continue with my project with confidence and determination.

Which Opportunities Are You Missing?

Happening now – OPPORTUNITIES are being presented – How are you responding?

I had to write this post to let you know of several examples in the past few days where OPPORUINITIES were missed… and not.

First – a missed opportunity.  Several days ago a Facebook friend ‘tagged’ me in a response to her friend’s rejection to be on a radio show – my friend indicated that I would most likely be open to having her as a guest on my show.  After looking at the person’s web site I saw that as a possibility and extended an invitation.  I never heard back.  It would not surprise me if this woman is still focused on, and complaining about, her rejection.

Second – an ALMOST missed opportunity. A couple days ago I received an invitation to post a link to our Mystical Cruise 2013 on an online metaphysical newspaper’s web site.  Simply send the link.  Advertising our cruise is vital.  Yesterday when reviewing missed opportunities I remembered the invitation and immediately sent the link.  It was up within hours.  Referrals from her web site will earn her referral money.  Luckily I minimized the time lost from invitation to posting by taking care of it at that moment.

Third – OPPORTUNITY MAXIMIZED.   Several days ago Roy was speaking with a friend whose car, an old Mercedes, was in the shop with a pending big repair and the mechanic did not recommend the expense as a wise choice.  The friend was heartbroken because she loved that car.  A couple days ago Roy went to the grocery store, not for any particular reason.  While parking he saw a Mercedes car for sale in the parking lot.  It was exactly the same as his friend’s only white, not black.  Roy wrote the number down and contacted friend, friend contacted car owner, Roy test drives car, friend decides to purchase and fly into town to purchase ‘new’ car next Sunday – same make and year as the beloved transportation she had enjoyed for so long…

OPPORTUNITIES are sometimes NOT JUST FOR YOU! Sometimes we are simply facilitators of assistance – here to not only make our lives better, but also for those we know and love. To play the game and receive – we must also give.

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